Although I have not decided which way I want to take my major in communications and minor in public relations, I want to keep all options open. As I have so far enjoyed the intro class for PR, I am excited to keep going in that direction. I know this type of field has a lot to do with in the moment planning, One thing I’ve done so far to secure a job is to gain different experiences.

First, I have taken on the responsibility and role as secretary for my sorority. Having this job has taught me how to be extremely organized and how to be in contact with several different people. I’ve learned how to communicate with those at our national headquarters and how to be on the same page with the chapter. Through this job, I have also been placed in charge of working through our facebook page, GIN system website, and our chapter website! Another experience I have gained is being one of the co-chairmen for our annual philanthropy event, which is essentially a wing tasting contest between local competitors. During this year’s event, we were running extremely low on our supply of wings within the first hour. This gave me a preview of what crisis management would be like—as I dealt with angry customers who only had to wait 5 minutes, to calling every resource I knew to pay and get fresh wings from local restaurants to the event in record time!

There are some things I must do before searching for a job in public relations. First, decide which area of public relations I would most enjoy. I am still undecided on what I would love to work with. Another “must do” is to be an active member of PRSSA. I have only attended a few meetings throughout the last year but wish to attend more starting in the fall. Finally, I want to work at keeping in touch with all of the contacts I have made through my sorority and being secretary. Whether it’d be for a job opportunity or just to write a résumé, I think it’s important.

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